Be a social butterfly...

I don’t really know how to start this post.  It isn’t that anyone has said anything negative to me about the name of my blog, but I’ve heard enough negativity towards others to deduce that similar things have probably been said about me(?) and recently it has been playing on my mind.   The problem it appears, is the use of the word ‘vintage’.

When the name of my blog was chosen, it wasn’t a well thought out affair.  As I’ve said on so many occasions, I never expected the blog to be successful, certainly not as successful as it is!  I liked the word ‘folly’ which is defined as an act or instance of foolishness or a structure built to satisfy a fancy or conceit, often of an eccentric kind.

It seemed to fit the idea of the website; something created ‘just because’ for no reason other than to satisfy a fancy, but what word would go with it to sum up the writer, to sum up me?  It was Phill that suggested vintage.  I think he knew even then, that somewhere deep down inside me was a vintage girl waiting to come out.

I had collected an awful lot of ‘vintage’ items over the years, but most were homewares, tea sets, cake stands, mirrors, furniture etc.  I enjoyed what you might call ‘vintage’ activities; old books, recipes and music.  I owned vintage jewellery and bags and bought vintage fabric whenever I saw it but as far as concerned clothing, I had very little.  What ‘vintage’ items I did have I was styling to look like modern pieces and though I owned red lippy and the skills to create retro hairstyles, they were strictly reserved for fancy dress.

I know I look a smidge like a blow up doll here, but that just makes me giggle 🙂

Why?  At the time I didn’t know, but now I do, I lacked confidence.  A victim of childhood and teen bullying I was used to having my clothes mocked.  Though it hadn’t happened for some years, I think fears about appearance can last a lifetime.

Since beginning vintage folly I have met hundreds of vintage lovers.  Some are fully immersed in the ‘scene’, some are just dipping their toe in, some have no desire to ever don a victory roll in their lives!!  Even those who never intend to dress in a ‘vintage’ or more specifically mid 20th century style (which is my favourite, though I kinda love all eras :-S) agree that those who do, look beautiful.  There is just no denying it!!

I have always looked at these women with awe, wearing clothes and make up with a wink in their direction but never daring to go the whole hog…until now.  Over the last few months I have let rip! Not literally. I’ve worn whatever I want, I’ve dressed in clothes that I believe are beautiful and styled my look however I see fit.  Sometimes, that has meant wearing 70s inspired skirts that skim the floor, with ‘un-styled’ locks and natural makeup.  Sometimes that has meant red lips, victory rolls and smart tea dresses and sometimes it has meant floral skirts and rockabilly inspired hair.  The looks are sometimes consistent with current trends and so I blend into the background, but when they aren’t, when the look is striking, it does turn heads!!

Me with the ver stylish Nick

It has taken me until very recently to realise that when people stare at these looks, it isn’t because they are about to poke fun at me, as was always my fear; it isn’t because I look awful.  They’re staring because maybe just maybe I look like those ‘vintage’ girls I’ve always revered, the ones I’ve always wanted to be like, the ones that maybe I always have been like on the inside.

I genuinely no longer care what people think of my attire, of my ‘part-time’ ‘vintage-ness’ or how long I do or don’t spend doing my hair in the morning.  I’m me, like it or lump it.  So here we are…1 year of being ‘vintage folly ‘ and I’m finally comfortable with it and me.

Here’s to vintage girls, to none vintage girls and to all those in between 🙂

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...