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I am a huge fan of Kate Middleton.  The Duchess of Cambridge comes across as such a sweet person and is, in my opinion, incredibly brave to have joined the Royal family.   Given the press attention, the media analysis and the constant requirement to be ‘perfect’ that comes with being the Princess of our times, one can only deduce that she must truly love her Prince.  (Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and a little bit Disney!)

Anyway amongst the many things I admire about Kate, her dress sense is right at the very top!  She has an incredible figure that would quite frankly look good in ANYTHING, but she chooses her ‘anything’ very well indeed.  I am particularly smitten with this Jenny Packham number she wore recently.

This is infact a wedding dress design.  Jenny Packham is better known as a bridal designer and was one of my favourites when I used to work with wedding dresses.  I love the ultra feminine Georgian style and hope that the Duchess realises how lucky she is to wear Jenny Packham on anything but her Wedding Day!!

Although I adore many of Kate clothes, the occasions on which I can actually afford anything that she wears are few and far between.   On the odd occasion, when Kate wears something from one of the more high end, high street stores, it is proclaimed that she wears ‘affordable’ fashion.  But for most people, myself included, 300 pounds for a pair of shoes is a little more than we would normally spend :-S  But look at this:

As Olympic and Paralympic ambassador, Kate has attended many events recently and was seen sporting this red, white and blue scarf at The Olympic Park in Stratford.

Described as an iconic memento of the London 2012 games, it’s only 10 pounds from Next and I’ve got one!!  There are two designs, one for the Paralympics which the Duchess and I chose ;-P and one for the Olympics, which I may have to treat myself to aswell!  It is for a good cause after all.

Please forgive the windswept look – these were once beautiful curls, I promise !!

I think Team GB’s decision to release this scarf is inspired.  Though I’m all for charity clothing and jewellery, in all honesty I do feel a little less than chic wearing rubber bracelets.  Though the scarf cost a few more pounds, I will definitely wear it with pride again and again.

You can buy one by clicking here.  All profits will be donated to the British Olympic Association, so you see, buying the other design is just the right thing to do, no?!   I get to wear something that K-Midz (how street am I?) wears and the British Olympic Association gets the profits: everyone’s a winner!

Well hopefully Team GB are winners!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...