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Choosing a winter holiday isn’t easy. Unlike the majority of summer holidays, there’s no standard, no default, to fall back onto.

If you’re stuck for ideas in the summer, you can just pick an island in the Mediterranean and go, sure a good time will follow. The same isn’t true if you’re looking to take flight in December rather than June.

So, if you’re determined this winter is going to include a much needed travel break for you, here are three very distinctly different winter holidays – at least one of which should be right up your street.

The “Winter Sun” Classic

There comes a point in the depth of winter where we all feel like we can’t take it anymore. The days are short and cold; the nights are long and cold – it’s pretty inescapable.

In a bid to feel more alive, you feel the need to head off somewhere warm and sunny – just to escape the freezing darkness that surrounds you at home. At least for a little while.

Ideal Destinations For Winter Sun:

  • The Canary Islands might have a reputation as being a little bit naff, but they offer good weather in exchange for a relatively short flight. If you want to avoid the tourist spots, try Fuerteventura rather than the staples of Gran Canaria / Tenerife / Lanzarote.
  • Costa Rica is a longer flight, but well worth it – white sandy beaches and temperatures that’ll thaw you out in no time.

The True Christmas Experience

We tend to get some snow in the UK, but the wait for a white Christmas tends to be a long one; the last widespread white Christmas was in 2010. So why not guarantee yourself the perfect Christmas setting by heading abroad?

Ideal Destinations For The Ideal Christmas

  • There’s no doubt about it; if you want a classic Christmas experience, then you can’t go wrong with choosing to spend Christmas in a Lapland log cabin. That’s about as authentic as it gets!
  • Iceland is also a good choice if you want guaranteed snow, and gives you the opportunity to greet Christmas morning while admiring the vista of one of the most spectacular natural landscapes on earth.

The Staycation

If you like the idea of getting away for awhile but don’t want to take flight, then there are plenty of options for a staycation right here in the UK. Obviously, you’re going to be constrained somewhat by our unpredictable weather – but there are a few regions to consider that might give you the best chance of a nice break.

Ideal Destinations For A Staycation:

  • Cornwall is one of the warmest parts of the UK due to its southern position. Staying inland will increase your chances of keeping warm, too.
  • The Isle of Man experiences the same kind of weather as the rest of the UK, but its unspoiled beauty makes it a great option if you want to try something a little different.

Whatever type of holiday you prefer, there should be something in the above that tempts you for the upcoming winter!

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